Gas Stoves/Ranges
Gas Stove/Range/Cooktop Installation


Instant on and off

Instantly get the precise flame and temperature control you want, from low simmers to robust boils.

Natural gas is the preferred choice of professional chefs and makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen. With the even, direct heat and precise temperature control of natural gas, you’ll enjoy immediate financial savings, plus notice a difference in how your food tastes.

Cost savings

Save up to 75 per cent* on annual operating costs compared to an electric range.

Energy efficient

With an electronic ignition, the pilot light comes on only when you turn on the burner.

Gas Dryers
Natural Gas Dryer Installation
A high-efficiency natural gas dryer is the perfect way to dry your clothes exactly the way you like them – and save money in the process.


75 per cent cheaper to operate than an electric dryer, for an annual saving of $113*.

Better looking clothes

Moist heat reduces wrinkles.

  • The natural gas burner instantly raises the air temperature in the dryer drum when the unit starts.
  • Warm air gently circulates through the tumbling clothes, soaking up moisture before passing through a lint trap and then outside through a vent.
  • Electricity is still used to power the controls and motor.
BBQ’s/ Grills
Gas BBQ, Barbeque, Grill Installation
A natural gas barbecue is your best choice for great outdoor grilling and cooking. You’ll get even, consistent heat that’s easy on your budget.

Low cost

Natural gas barbecuing costs around 80 per cent* less than using propane.No worries about empty tanks or waiting for charcoal to heat up


Barbecues come in many models and sizes. An average family of four requires 400 square inches of primary grilling surface.


Because natural gas is lighter than air, it will rise into the atmosphere in the event of a leak. If your barbecue is accidentally unplugged, a built-in safety device automatically shuts off the gas.

Patio Heater
Natural Gas Patio Heater Installation

Extend the summer season

Natural gas line installation of a patio heater is a safe, convenient and affordable way to enjoy your outdoor living longer. With just a flick of the switch, patio heaters give you clean-burning warmth that never runs out.


The comfort of radiant heat
Radiant heat reflects off nearby walls, surfaces, or the heater’s mushroom dome.

Safe and dependable
Natural gas is a reliable fuel that never needs refilling.

Instant on & off
With the flick of a switch you’ll enjoy comforting heat.

A spark ignition system instead of a pilot light makes these heaters even more energy-efficient.

Flexible placement options
Place your heat exactly where you want it. Post mount, hanging or portable models are available.

What to look for

Choose from a tubular radiant, mushroom-type or suspended heater for the most intense heat.

Heating control
Look for an adjustable burner controlled by a dial or remote control.

Variety of sizes and models
Natural gas patio heaters range from 20,000 BTU/hour to 50,000 BTU/hour. For example, a 40,000 BTU natural gas patio heater can spread warmth over a 20-foot area.

Outdoor Fireplace/Table
Natural Gas Fireplace/ Table Installation

Warm up your outdoor entertaining

Make summer last longer by adding a patio campfire, chimenea or outdoor fireplace to your backyard. A natural gas campfire puts out warming heat that’s welcome on almost any night of the year.


Instant on and off
Just flick the switch and you have a warm and charming campfire ready to go – instantly. When you’re done, just turn the fire off and put on its protective cover. You’ll have no worries about lingering embers.

Safe, clean and convenient
No wood to chop, store or carry, and no ashes to clean. There are never any sparks to damage your patio furniture or cause you worry when you have children or pets.

Easy installation
Connecting your campfire to your home’s natural gas supply is a simple, affordable job for a licensed natural gas contractor.